The End of the Day

A public audio installation about a moment many years from now, when you are looking back and reflecting on a life well-lived. It can only be experienced at sunset.

Now playing in NYC locations and occasional online performances

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A small brass plaque, engraved text: The End of the Day (a blurred out phone num). Make yourself comfortable. Call at sunset


If you would like a brief respite from the weight of the present...

This piece is not about what will happen tomorrow, or the next month, or even a year from today.

One day, many many years from now, you will be sitting on a porch, watching the sun set in the distance. It will be a perfect evening, and you will feel completely and utterly at peace.

In that moment, you will start to look back and reminisce about your life.

The End of the Day is a guided audio experience about the good moments in your life so far, and those that are yet to come. It is about reclaiming a good future, as a brave and hopeful act.

Tone: quiet, contemplative, hopeful
Runtime: ~10 minutes

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Queensbridge park at night


The End of the Day can be experienced in two ways:
1) NYC: a public art installation in select locations, with call-in audio
2) Worldwide: a live online performance, with audio and visuals

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Enjoy A Quiet Moment of Contemplation with ‘The End of the Day’ (Review) No Proscenium, December 2020Listed on NoPro Critic’s Picks for 2020IxDA Interaction Awards 2021, Finalist

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NYC Locations

There will be a small brass plaque installed on a bench facing the water, with a phone number to call.

Sit on any of the nearby benches and make yourself comfortable. Call at sunset. Headphones are recommended, but optional.

Note: The piece is only plays if the phone number is called right before or after sunset. It is not weather dependent (clear or cloudy skies are still ok).

Locations in NYC (updated 1/31/2021)
Hudson River Park (south of Old Pier 48), West Village, Manhattan (confirmed 1/30/2021)Rainey Park, Astoria, QueensThe pier at WNYC Transmitter Park, Greenpoint, Brooklyn (no longer there as of 1/14/2021)Queensbridge Park, Long Island City, Queens (no longer there as of 11/5/2020)(to be announced), Brooklyn

*West Coast locations in 2021

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Online Performances

The End of the Day was originally developed as a solo RPG game. It then became a series of live online playtests in October 2020, for audiences ranging from 2 to 15 people at a time.

The online version of The End of the Day is run by the artist and lasts about 15 minutes, with optional time afterwards.

Next performance: Live online playtests are currently on hold, but may resume in spring 2021.

To be on the list for future playtests, please fill out the contact form.

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